Monday, 2 May 2011

Finished Animation

End Credits

When I came to end of my main animation sequence I had to think about how to show my name at the end. Because of how I created my animation with the rough and ready style I wanted to keep this in the credits. I decided to zoom out of the set showing my desk and work surface, then zooming back in towards some spare card on which I wrote my name. I think this is a nice end to the animation and fits really well with the main part, here you can see the images I used.

Music Editing

After the animation sequence was created I had to edit my music to get the 30s I wanted. This was fairly simple to do because I downloaded a free trial of a music editing program. After I had saved this I imported it into my imovie and made sure it lasted the  full length of my animation.

Imovie editing

Here you can see my development throughout imovie from iphoto which I imported all the animation frames from. When all the frames were in the right place I adjusted each frame time to 0.1s per frame. This was as fast as imovie would allow me to have each frame but this still made the animation run how I wanted, with the jerky DIY effect. 


To create my animation I used iphoto and imovie because these two programs work very well together and it is easy to change a series of images into an animation. After I had taken all my images I Imported them into Iphoto which these screen shots show. From here it was easy to put these into imovie so i could change settings and add music.

Making my set and characters

Before I started creating my animation I needed to create a set that was suitable for my idea. I brought multi coloured card sheets which I would use to make everything I needed. Using these I would create a rough, DIY, cut out style animation, this was my favourite style when I was considering different methods. 

Monday, 11 April 2011


This is the first copy of the story board I created, I made this using the robot disco idea. Each frame shows a sketch of what is going on in the animation how roughly how long for. I have also put a little bit of colour in, this is just to get and idea on what would work well.